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Bucktons Superior Plus Breeder features a wide range of ingredients to support a pair of pigeons through the breeding period.

The high protein mixture provides added support for the immune & digestive system. Ensuring birds stay healthy & have a quick recovery after the breeding season.

  • High protein pigeon feed
  • Wide variety of ingredients
  • Natural support for immune and digestive systems
  • Quorum Sensing Technology

Composition: Wheat, Plate Maize, White Peas, Red Dari, Performance Pellet, Red Ruby Maize, Safflower Seed, White Dari, Tares, Black Sunflower Seeds, Maple Peas, Tic Beans, Blue Peas, Naked Oats, Buckwheat, Paddy Rice, Toasted Soya Beans, Linseed, and Hempseed

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