Equibalancer Everyday Low Cal Comprehensive Balancer 1.5kg


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Equibalancer Everyday is a low calorie complete vitamin and mineral supplement designed to provide the complete daily requirement for good health, this is a powdered highly palatable supplement that can be added to a handful of chaff and slightly dampened down for good doers who may be otherwise not receiving a sufficient balance of vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Everyday is a good source of omega oils improving condition of the skin and coat throughout the year, Zinc and Biotin support good quality hoof growth and containing pre and probiotics to support a healthy gut function, maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria to enable improved absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients: Equibalancer Vitamin and mineral base mix, Micronised Linseed meal

Feeding: No front loading required, simply feed 1 scoop per day for maintenance

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