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Equibalancer M & S formula is the first supplement of its type to target the troublesome conditions of Mallanders and Sallanders from inside out.

Mallanders and Sallanders are caused by an over production of keratin by the body and is most commonly seen on the fronts of the hocks and back of the knees in cobs and traditional types, once a horse has a flare up it can become difficult to manage with a continuing battle with a variety of topical dressings with varying degrees of success.

M & S formula works in a completely different way a single scoop feed supplement free from known allergens including Biotin, Alfalfa, Molasses and cereal or cereal by product supporting skin condition, cell renewal and suppressing the overproduction of keratin.

  • Scientifically formulated comprehensive balancer for horses with Mallanders, Sallanders, CPL or Hyperkeratosis
  • Containing a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements
  • Supporting skin, coat, hair and hoof quality without biotin, low in sugar and starch
  • Free from: Fillers, Cereals & Cereal by-products, GM Ingredients, Alfalfa, Molasses

Ingredients: Equibalancer light vitamin and mineral mix, calcium carbonate, micronized linseed meal, peppermint Leaf, Selected botanicals

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