Farmgate Smallholder Chicken Layers Mash 20kg


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Farmgate Smallholder Chicken Layers Mash is a highly palatable feed specially formulated to meet the need for a general all-purpose diet.

Farmgate Smallholder Layers Mash can be fed to flocks of mixed ages under any management system. Ideal though for laying hens from the age of around 18 weeks or when they first start to lay

Contains optimum levels of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D3 for bone strength, good shell quality, rich yellow yolk colour. Helps to produce high egg numbers and excellent egg size.

  • A highly palatable feed
  • Ideal for a general, all-purpose diet
  • Optimum nutrient levels
  • Promote rich yolk colour
  • Feed from 4 weeks before onset of lay
  • No water has to be added feed dry


  • Offer on an ad-lib basis from point of lay
  • Farmgate Layers feeds do not require any additional limestone or oyster shell grit
  • The diet is fully balanced for optimum egg production, consistent shell quality, good yolk colour and excellent egg size

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