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Harkers 3 in 1 Tablets are a great preventative treatment that will protect your flock against Coccidiosis, Canker and internal parasites such as roundworms, hairworms and tapeworms.

Each box contains 50 tablets, enough to treat up to 50 birds.

  • Single tablet for the treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis, Canker and Worms in racing Pigeons
  • Also for use in treatment of hairworm, roundworm and tapeworm infections
  • Currently the only licensed product of its type in the UK
  • Takes the hassle away from treating birds with three separate medications
  • 50 tablets per pack enough to treat 50 birds
  • Only needs to be used twice a year (in normal conditions)
  • Backed by an extensive advertising campaign in the British Homing World and Racing Pigeon magazines
  • Contains 2.5mg Diclazuril, 8.0mg Fenbendazole and 20.0mg Ronidazole
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What is Coccidiosis?

  • Coccidiosis is caused by single cell organisms Eimeria Labbeana & Eimeria Columbarum which affect the intestines of pigeons
  • This disease is most severe in young birds and is prevalent in warm, damp conditions and particularly where there is poor hygiene or ventilation.
  • Infection can be spreak through any contaminated source and disease results when susceptible birds (ie young birds or those that have not previously been protected) are exposed to higher numbers of parasites

What is Canker?

  • Canker (Trichomoniasis) is caused by Trichomonas columbae which is a microscopic single celled organism.
  • It is the most comon form of infection in pigeons
  • Affects mainly the throat and crop but may include other parts of the body
  • The organism is usually transmitted by saliva so food and water are contaminated when feeding and drinking and this is passed to other birds through parental feeding of young or "billing"
  • Youngsters are the most affected as they have not built up their natural immunity

Worms & Parasites

  • There are many worms & parasites that can affect pigeons, most commonly roundworm, hairworm & tapeworm
  • Roundworms & Hairworms live in the digestive tract and release eggs which are passed in their droppings
  • These eggs can be ingested, become infectious after several days and hatch into new worms
  • There is no easy way to tell if your birds have these worms as the adult worms are only rarely passed in droppings and and Hairworms are vitually invisible to the human eye
  • Tapeworms also live in the digestive tract but have a head which embeds itself into the lining of the pigeon's bowel
  • Behind the head are segments (packets of eggs) which continue to form a long chain until the more mature ones eventually snap off and pass from the piegon's cloaca
  • The small ones look like white pieces of cottom trailing through the dropping, larger ones look like pieces of rice stuck to the surface of the dropping
  • These soon become part of the pigeon's food chain and continue the infestation cycle if left

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