Horslyx Mobility Balancer Horse Lick

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Fully balanced with essential nutrients, Mobility Horslyx can be used regularly as an aid to maintaining healthy supple joints.

Mobility Horslyx contains optimum amounts of Glucosamine HCI, MSM and Omega Oils together with the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package which incorporates the powerful anti oxidants Vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium to support and maintain a strong immune system.

Horslyx have a palatable formula and does not need to be mixed into another feed. Ideal to balances nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing and reduces boredom and stress.

The Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package is ideal for balancing nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing. There is no need to feed additional balancers and many horses and ponies thrive on a diet of just a Horslyx Balancer and forage.

Licking takes time and patience, which is perfect for horses that are stabled for long periods of time and can help reduce stress and boredom. This 5kg lick fits the 

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