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Keyflow Key Plus has been created to build and maintain superior topline and condition. To effectively condition a horse we recommend you feed a safe, highly digestible form of energy that does not affect temperament.

Key-Plus achieves this by using the leading feed technology, wet steam extrusion, to greatly increase digestibility and nutrient absorption to over 90% in the small intestine. Combined with the high oil content this makes Key-Plus a highly effective conditioner and cool on-demand calorie source.

Key-Plus contains added organic selenium, vitamin E and has a balanced calcium to phosphorous ratio.

Key Ingredients:

  • Stabilized Rice Bran A superior source of cool energy. Stabilized Rice Bran is high in oil which horses easily metabolise into low GI sustained release energy. Rice bran is also high in powerful natural anti-oxidants

Key Feed Technologies:

  • Wet Steam Extrusion Unlocking nutritional potential All Keyflow feeds use wet steam extrusion as a core feed technology. In the steam extrusion process, raw grains are ground and rapidly-cooked in a pressurised chamber, before being pressed through a die and oven baked. This unique process increases the surface area of grain starch molecules increasing feed digestibility in a horses small intestine from approximately 40% to over 90%. This process is far more effective than traditional processing methods such as pelleting (cubes) or steam flaking.

Ingredients: steam extruded stabilized rice bran concentrate, rice bran oil, mineral salts, molasses, heat stable vitamins

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