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Pure Feed Pure+ Electrolytes is advisable to supplement your horse’s diet with electrolytes (including sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium) as horses cannot generate them naturally themselves. Electrolytes are lost through normal bodily functions like sweating.

Pure Electrolytes have been formulated by top equine scientist Dr David Marlin. Among the key benefits of Pure Electrolytes are the fat coating or micro-bead technology which significantly improves efficiency. It helps to ensure the electrolytes reach the small intestine to be absorbed, where they can have maximum effect. In addition, it is particularly beneficial to horses which suffer from gastric ulcers as this means the electrolytes do not aggravate the stomach lining.

Another benefit of the coating is palatability, as it reduces the salty taste. This means that Pure Electrolytes do not need to be packed with sugar to encourage ingestion and are instead flavoured with mint. It makes them suitable for horses that have previously suffered with laminitis or who have tied up, and can be fed alongside a low sugar diet.

Maintenance/Light Work
• Pony- ½
• Horse- 1
• Large Horse- 1½

Moderate Work
• Pony- 1
• Horse- 2
• Large Horse- 2½

Hard Work / Summer
• Pony- 2
• Horse- 4
• Large Horse-5

1 level scoop (25ml) = 28g

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