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For horses and ponies in medium to hard work or those in need of extra energy and stamina. Ultimate performance: top quality proteins for muscle development with high spec vitamins and minerals for ultimate performance. Optimum digestion with a double cooked cube and a steady energy release. Power Plus Formula for extra power and stamina.

Ingredients (in descending order by weight): Oats, Wheatfeed, Barley, Soya (bean) Hulls (1), Sunflower Seed Extracted, Cane Molasses, Grass Meal, Calcium Carbonate (limestone Flour), Mono-dicalcuim Phosphate, Sodium Chloride (salt), Mineral/vitamin Premix, Magnesium Oxide. (1) Produced From Genetically Modified Soyabeans

Nutritional analysis: Protein 12.0%, Oil 3.0%, Fibre 12.0%, Ash 8.0%, Moisture (Max) 15.0%, Copper 40mg/kg, Vitamin A 12,000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 2,000iu/kg, Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 100iu/kg, Calcium 1.0%, Phosphorus 0.55%, Digestible Energy 11.0MJ/kg

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