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The Five Star Horse Lick from Rockies contains herbs and the trace elements horses and ponies need. The licks are durable and also very palatable as they contain the herb fenugreek and added apple flavouring.

Five Star can be fed all year round, at grass or in the stable, and will help keep your horse in good condition. The 5kg size and the ease of hanging from a gatepost or beam make feeding easy for both individuals and small groups. The box is also very convenient to carry with no mess on the hands or in your vehicle!

The lick is essential trace elements help in the following ways:
The zinc is protected and will help keep coat and hooves in excellent condition all year round.

Contains high levels of copper which is important for horses, particularly in areas of the country where molybdenum and other minerals combine to limit the availability of copper in the diet. High levels of copper, manganese and iodine will all be beneficial to the fertility and reproductive capability of brood mares.

Contains appropriate amounts of selenium, cobalt and iron. Selenium deficiency can be a particular problem to horses in this country and is linked to unthriftiness and even muscle tie-up symptoms. The formulation contains organic seaweed to help improve skin condition, and reosehip as an aid to respiration. Contains cod liver oil to help promote general health and good coat condition.

Rockies Five Star is a mineralised salt block based on human-grade Cheshire crystal salt. Horses can regulate their intake of salt and will take more at times of higher demand, e.g.when intake of compound feed (containing salt, minerals and vitamins) is restricted or when sweating from work or nerves. Modern, well-fertilised grass swards tend to produce a forage feed that is short in minerals and trace elements. The sodium content of some grazing may be so low that horses cannot obtain even the minimum requirements.

The formulation also contains magnesium, a lack of which is associated with excitability in horses and other stock. So, if you have a nervous horse, Five Star can be a very cost effective way of adding extra magnesium to the diet it might just help!

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