Rowen Barbary Carrot Mash Horse Treats 700g


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Rowen Barbary Carrot Mash is a tasty treat that your horse or pony will enjoy. Fed soaked as a soft textured mash, Carrot Mash Treat has a water holding capacity which will help improve fluid intake, especially useful post exercise, when travelling or recovering from illness to encourage your horse or pony to drink.

It is also much more palatable for horses that struggle to chew and digest due to old age or illness. As the Carrot Flakes are dehydrated they store and travel better. Many horses regularly enjoy Carrots and by feeding healthy treats that taste good to your horse will help ensure that positive behaviour is rewarded without any detrimental effects.

Selected Soya Hull Pellets, Dehydrated Carrots, Molglo Plus, Soya Oil, Salt

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