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Trident Sugar Beet Pellets are the dried remainder of the root crop sugar beet, once the sugar has been extracted. The sugar fraction is rapidly digested in the small intestine providing instant energy, the fibre fraction is digested at a slower rate, which promotes satiety and stamina and the molassed sugar beet feed promotes an even supply of energy. The palatable nature of the feed encourages shy feeders to eat and sugar beet promotes the intake of other less palatable ingredients e.g. wormers. Sugar Beet Pellets contains: British sugar beet.

A mainstay of British livestock feeding since the 1920s, Trident sugar beet feed is the most effective source of digestible fibre-based energy available for ruminants, horses and ponies*.

Supplied as a robust dry pellet (in bulk or bagged), as dry shreds or as a moist feed, theres a Trident sugar beet feed to suit every feeding system, from simple feeding out in troughs to mixer wagons and mechanical in-parlour and out-of-parlour feeders.

High levels of palatability will drive feed intakes, whilst the slowly available energy helps buffer against digestive upsets in high-starch diets, leading to improved feed conversion efficiency and increased animal performance. Its the ideal feed on which to base simple, rumen-friendly mixes for sheep, lambs or youngstock, and a key ingredient in high digestible-fibre blends and high performance beef and dairy rations.

Digestible fibre buffers against acidosis, the ideal partner to high-starch feeds.

Highly palatable drives growth and performance by increasing feed intakes.

Low protein complements higher protein, low-fibre feeds like cereals and low-fibre forages.

Energy supply slowly available digestible fibre balances energy supply for optimum digestion.

Molassed options offer additional energy as sugars to stimulate fibre digestion in ruminants.

Equibeet is a low-sugar, non-molassed sugar beet feed designed specifically as a non-heating, high-fibre bagged feed for horses and ponies* thats also ideal as part of a feeding strategy to reduce the incidence of laminitis.

*All dry sugar beet feed requires soaking for a minimum of 24 hours before feeding to horses or ponies.

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