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Winergy Equilibrium Condition is a multi-benefit conditioning feed; scientifically proven to support muscle health.

Winergy Equilibrium Condition is a premium quality conditioning mixture that gains its energy from fibres and oils to help reduce the level of starch in the feed. Because energy comes from these slow release sources there is less chance of fizziness and your horse may help improve stamina.

Winergy Equilibrium Condition delivers balanced hindgut fibre fermentation which helps guard against fluctuations in pasture and your forage supply.


  • The safe multi-benefit conditioning feed; scientifically proven to support muscle health
  • High in oil ideal for all horses and ponies that require condition without relying on cereals
  • With excellent quality protein supporting muscle health and topline
  • Supports digestive health due to it's unique fibre sources and controlled starch formulation
  • Promotes positive behaviour due to its very low starch and sugar content
Nutritional Information:

Energy 12.4 Mj/kg, Oil 10%, Protein 14%, Fibre 15%, Starch 10%, Copper 30 mg/kg, Zinc 125 mg/kg, Selenium 0.4 mg/kg & Vitamin E 500 iu/kg

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