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For any dog, their bed is more than just a place to rest; it's their sanctuary, a cosy retreat they can call their own. However, if you find your dog relentlessly attacking their bed, it may signify they're struggling to find comfort and relaxation in your home.

Dogs exhibit various behaviours when they're not quite comfortable with their beds. From scratching and digging to peeing and chewing, each action communicates something different. Let's delve into why dogs may destroy their beds and explore gentle yet effective ways to help them overcome this behaviour.

Why Dogs Destroy Their Beds

Dogs exhibit different destructive behaviours towards their beds, such as scratching, digging, peeing, or chewing. These behaviours can stem from various reasons:

Scratching and Digging

Dogs may scratch or dig their beds to mark their territory, out of habit, or to nest, especially during heat cycles.

Digging can also be a pre-sleep ritual or an attempt to make their bed more comfortable.


Peeing on their bed could signal health issues, anxiety, incomplete house training, or a need to mark territory.


Chewing behaviour might indicate boredom, anxiety, or excessive energy. Certain breeds and separation anxiety-prone dogs are more susceptible to this behaviour.

How To Stop Your Dog Destroying Their Bed: Practical Tips and Guidance - Percys Pet Products

Tips to Prevent Bed Destruction

Understanding why your dog engages in destructive behaviours is the first step in finding solutions. Here are some effective strategies to help curb this behaviour:


1. Address Underlying Issues

Identify potential triggers such as anxiety, boredom, or incomplete house training.

Provide adequate mental stimulation and exercise to alleviate boredom and excess energy.


2. Positive Reinforcement Training

Reward desirable behaviours like resting calmly on their bed with treats and praise.

Use firm commands and distraction techniques to discourage destructive behaviour.


3. Provide Alternative Options

Offer a variety of chew toys to redirect their chewing habits away from their bed.

Supervise your dog when they're in their bed and intervene if they display destructive behaviour.


4. Invest in Durable Beds

Consider investing in a more durable, bed like our Dog Doza range.

Whilst these beds are not chew resistant, they are made using 600 denier fabric, meaning the waterproof nature of the material is more durable than standard fabric beds.


5. Use Chew-Stopper Sprays

Simple Solution Chew Stopper spray is an effective deterrent to spraying on your dog's bed to discourage chewing.


6. Explore Indestructible Options

Consider options like plastic beds filled with blankets, such as the Rosewood Sonny bed, which are resilient and easy to clean.



Dogs destroying their beds can be a frustrating challenge for pet owners, but with patience and understanding, it's a behaviour that can be addressed. By identifying the underlying causes and implementing preventive measures, you can help your dog find comfort and security in their bed once again.

Remember, every dog is unique, so be patient and consistent in your approach. With the right strategies and products, you can help your dog enjoy their bed as a peaceful retreat for years to come.

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