NHS Highlights Smoking Risk To Pets - Percys Pet Products

The NHS has launched a campaign to remind pet owners how dangerous second-hand smoking can be to animals and encourage them to ditch their habit.

NHS Lanarkshire, together with local vets, have been distributing leaflets to vets’ surgeries following a study by Glasgow University.

This reported that animals are at risk of ingesting a large volume of chemicals from smoke, due to the fact they lick their fur where the toxins can linger.

Second-hand smoking can result in cancer among dogs and cats, while smaller pets could suffer from breathing difficulties or skin problems, BBC News revealed.

Health improvement manager at NHS Lanarkshire Shirley Mitchell told Good Morning Scotland: “Tobacco smoke does harm pets in the same way it harms humans - respiratory diseases, cancers, ear, nose and throat conditions.

She noted that puppies are particularly vulnerable, as they are more likely to chew tobacco products they find littered.

Veterinary surgeon, David Gardner-Roberts, said toxins from smoking can remain for five hours after a cigarette has been put out.

He stated: “There is no safe level of second-hand smoke.”

Consequently, pets need to live in a smoke-free environment to be safe.

The study of dogs and cats that was carried out by the university revealed that all felines are susceptible to smoke-related illnesses as they have a greater exposure to second-hand smoke, due to the fact they wander around more.

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