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Memory foam has been a very popular choice for mattresses and orthopaedic pillows since the 1990s, as it provides a gentle, even relief, allowing for a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep.

However, an online pet store can also provide this lumbar support and comfortable base to sleep on for your dog as well, with memory foam dog beds becoming an increasingly popular sleeping place for puppies everywhere.

What is memory foam, and why has it become such a popular choice for dog lovers and their faithful friends alike?


Where Did Memory Foam Come From?

Memory foam initially was the result of years of research funded by NASA  in the 1960s to create a safer, more comfortable temperature-sensitive aircraft cushion before being used in medical equipment and later as the liners for sports helmets.

It would take until 1991 for it to start being used in consumer products due to the complex way it was constructed, requiring an expensive process of feeding gas into a polymer matrix.

The foam’s main feature is that it moulds its shape to whoever is lying on it, whether that is a pet or their owner, and has become a popular and often required filling in many cushions, mattresses, beds and blankets.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of a memory foam bed for your pet.


Provides Joint, Muscle And Back Support

Memory foam was initially used for orthopaedic beds due to the incredible support the foam provides as it moulds around the contours of the body, and it is no different for dog bodies either.

It is temperature-sensitive, so it softens around the body whilst still keeping support, reducing joint pain and muscle strain whilst they sleep and offering full spinal support whilst they curl into a natural sleeping position.

This makes it especially ideal for dogs with spinal or joint issues, pets recovering from injuries and older dogs.

As well as this, because there is more support, there is less pressure affecting the body, which allows for improved blood flow, better healing and more activity throughout the day, as well as less discomfort, tossing and turning at night.


Inherently Built To Last

Memory foam, despite its softness, is particularly hard-wearing, made primarily of polyurethane foam that is dense enough to support your pet for a very long time, and whilst its ability to return to its original shape will diminish over time, it takes quite a while to reach that point.

Longer lasting beds do not need to be replaced as often, which is good for your dog due to familiarity, good for you due to less of a need to buy replacement beds and good for the environment.


Breathable Material

The nature of memory foam makes it an inherently breathable material. In fact, it needs to allow air to circulate for its shaping technology to work properly.

As a result, it has the rather serendipitous side effect of having fantastic air circulation, stopping dogs from feeling too hot in summer or too cold in winter


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