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Alflora Organic Ryegrass Chaff. Alflora Ryegrass Chaff main application is for maintenance of resting or light-working horses. The high level of slowly fermentable fibre suits the natural ability of equids to source energy from roughage.

Thanks to its low content of none-structural carbohydrates, Alflora Ryegrass Chaff is the first choice feed for horses and ponies prone to carbohydrate associated disorders (laminitis, colic, equine metabolic syndrome, equine Cushing/PPID, chronic diarrhea, and gastric ulcers).

Ingredients: Mixed Ryegrasses

Analytical Constituents: Protein 9.8%, Oil 1.5%, Ash (mineral) 9%, Fibre 42.8%, Naturally Occuring Sugar 4.6%, Starch 1.8%, Digestible Energy 2.01 Mcal/kg                              

Suitable For: Horses, Ponies, and other equines 

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