Bucktons No.1 Canary Feed 20kg


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Bucktons No.1 Canary Feed is formulated using only high quality ingredients. Bucktons No.1 Canary Feed is an ideal solution when raising young birds as well as being a great all-round mix for Canaries.

A graceful species with a colourful song to let you know they are there. A canary is an inquisitive bird so will often keep watch and take an interest in whats happening.

Whether kept for companionship, breeding or displaying in shows and competitions, we have everything you need to keep your indoor and aviary birds happy and healthy.

  • Maintains plumage condition
  • A variety of small seeds
  • High in protein

Composition: Canary Seed, Black Rapeseed, Linseed, Hempseed, Nyjer Seed, Yellow Biscuit, Oil

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