Dallas Keith Equine Flexi Tub Digestion Horse Lick 12.5kg


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Dallas Keith’s 12.5 kg Equine Flexi Range contains a full spectrum of all the vital minerals and vitamins along with oil, protected trace elements and protein for a sound nutritional platform. They are supplied in a sturdy, safe, flexible, shatter-proof container, which can be re-used as a feed bucket once the lick has gone.

Equine Flexi Digestion is formulated with additional yeast to aid digestion and to maximise forage utilisation while maintaining condition. Designed to be offered when forage quality is poor.

  • Contains the vital vitamins and minerals that are commonly deficient in modern pastures and forage
  • All horses have the chance to supplement their diet at will/as required
  • The unique formulation ensures muscle and bone development whilst enhancing body, coat and foot condition
  • When offered alongside good quality forage the Equine Flexi range removes the need for hard feed, making it time and cost effective

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