Dodson & Horrell Chaste Tree Berries - 2kg


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Dodson & Horrell Ground Chaste Tree Berries are fed to horses to help with hormonal challenges that they may be experiencing. It is great in promoting normal conditions in a female's reproductive system and can be used in 3 out of 4 weeks to ensure the horse doesn't build up a tolerance to it. Chaste Tree Berries is traditionally used for moody mares when in season, but it can be given to stroppy geldings.

A good hormonal balancer and have traditionally been used for seasonal moodiness in mares.


  • Chaste tree berries support normal hormonal function
  • Great for balancing a mare's reproductive system
  • Excellent for older horses and mares
  • Adds a sprinkling natures relief


Feeding guidelines

  • Ponies and smaller horses = 1½ scoops per day*
  • Larger horses = 2 scoops per day
  • 1 scoop (50ml) = 18g*
  • *Please use scoop provided

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