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Yea-Sacc is a feedingstuff designed specifically for the nutritional maintenance of your horses hind gut and it helps to support a stable hind gut environment. The horses hind gut can be easily disrupted, which in turn affects fibre digestion.

Yea-Sacc has been proven to help restore digestive balance as it contains the yeast culture, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, which improves fibre digestion in the horse. The Saccharomyces Cerevisiae is grown on a cereal base and it is dried to preserve its fermenting action, ensuring its viability and effectiveness.

  • Ideal for old horses, competition horses, poor doers and excitable or stressy horses
  • Perfect for horses receiving a low fibre intake diet
  • Helps to stabilise the pH of the hind gut to minimise digestive disruption
  • The use of Yea-Sacc has been proven and documented in a wide variety of horses

Feeding Guidelines:

Feed Yea-Sacc at a rate of 2g/100kg bodyweight per day to horses and ponies. For example, feed a 200-400kg pony approximately 0.25-0.75 scoop per day and feed a 400-600kg horse approximately 0.75-1.25 scoops daily. Yea-Sacc can be fed at double the recommended amounts for the first four weeks if required.

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