Foran Equine Hoof Aid Liquid 2.5L


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Biotin rich, hoof-strengthening powder for daily supplementation.


  • Biotin to improve hoof quality
  • Methionine aid with strengthening hoof microstructure
  • Zinc, Calcium and Phosphorus essential minerals to aid with the development of hoof horn

Suitable for :
All horses; particularly youngstock and horses with problem hooves


  • Young, growing horses have relatively greater hoof growth combined with greater overall demands on nutrients. Hoof aid provides an assured method of supplementation for optimum hoof development
  • Horses with poor quality hoof problems such as; cracking, brittleness, slow growth and white, crumbly horn will all benefit from long-term supplementation (4-6mths), continued use as new, stronger hoof horn will replace the old problem horn
  • Throughout a horses life, hoof growth and wear is constant. Hoof Aid is designed as a daily use hoof-conditioning supplement.

Bodyweight Dose per Day

  • 450-600KG 45ml
  • 300-450KG 30ml
  • 200-350 KG 30ml
  • >200KG 15ml

Vitamins PER Kg PER 30ml
Biotin 480mg 17.5mg
Calcium D-Pantothenate 1,370 mg 50mg

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