Global Herbs PolleneX Powder Anti Pollen Support for Horses

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Global Herbs PolleneX Powder is a natural belnd to help reduce symptoms associated with high pollen levels.

As those with hay fever will be all too aware, high levels of pollen can be a cause of great discomfort, and this can also be true in horses. PolleneX Powder provides effective nose comfort and helps breathing over the flowering months and is ideal for use in long standing situations.

  • A focused blend of effective herbs
  • Soothes irritation to aid breathing
  • Targets pollen and all other air-borne irritants

The powder version of this supplement is significantly stronger than the liquid syrup form. PolleneX offers a natural approach for respiratory worries and helps to soothe the nose, eyes and head. Suitable for all horses and ponies. 

Ingredients: urkey berry, Long Pepper, Malabar nut & Liquorice

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