Gourmet Perle Chef Selection Mini Fillets in Gravy 48 x 85g

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Give your feline friend a delectable and nutritious cat meal for its optimum health. Made using simple and high-quality ingredients, the Gourmet Perle Mini Fillets in Gravy is a delectable adult wet cat food that your cat would love. Each ingredient is thoughtfully selected to create an exquisite and irresistible flavour. This is one of the most nutritious cat food your friend would devour in seconds. The mini fillets are served in gravy that further enhances the taste, making it one of the best nutritious cat foods available out there.

No added preservatives, flavourings, and colourants are there. Highly refined cat food, these fillets would be an everyday pleasure for the cat's palate. Each filled is foil-packed to seal in the fresh flavours of every tender, meaty morsel and combined with delicious gravy. The recipes include lamb, tuna, turkey, and duck meat that adult cats between 1 to 7 years of age would love. 100% balanced nutritional cat diet, it comes in 85g pouches to keep the meat fresh and convenient to serve.

A rich blend of vitamins and essential minerals make it a healthy pet diet without compromising the taste. The food is suitable for all cat breeds and can be served as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pack contains 3 pouches of every meat fillet, giving you enough stock to last for almost a week. There is no chance your cat would get bored with the food, thanks to the variety of succulent meats that can be served alternatively to keep the dining experience enjoyable.

  • Flavoursome and healthy cat food featuring four types of meat fillets (Duck, Lamb, Turkey, and Tuna) combined with delicious gravy
  • For adult cats between the ages of 1 to 7 years
  • Contains a rich blend of essential vitamins and minerals that promote a cat's overall health
  • Fillets sealed in pouches to retain the flavours for a long time
  • No added flavours, colourants, and preservatives

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