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GWF Nutrition Tiger Oats is a complete high energy, low starch feed for all hard working and competition horses and ponies.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Tiger Oats?

  • Provides a lower starch (33%), high oil, high fibre, 13MJ/kg energy feed
  • Provides the perfect combination of slow and fast release energy
  • Manufactured using whole traditional, high oil, high fibre, lower starch lean horse oats
  • Includes a 3mm vitamin and mineral pellet to balance calcium/phosphorus ratios and provide important electrolytes for peak performance
  • Contains concentrated yeast derived oligosaccharides as a feed source for beneficial bacteria to help maintain a healthy hindgut
  • Provides the best form of digestible starch, so reducing the risk of digestive upsets in the hindgut
  • Provides a unique combination of 5 active nutraceuticals
  • Contains the Oatinol® Delivery Systemâ„¢ to maintain a high rate of nutrient absorption
  • Wheat gluten free
  • A 100% non-GM, soya free formulation

Daily Feeding Recommendation

  • The feeding level below is provided as a guide. In all cases, feed according to the workload of the horse or pony
  • Tiger Oats for Horses is recommended as a complete replacement to all other hard feeds for performance horses and ponies in medium or hard work
  • Split the total daily quantity by the number of daily feeds
  • Simply mix with your horse or pony's normal feed

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