Harkers 4-In-1 Soluble Treatment for Pigeons 100ml

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Harkers 4-in-1 Soluble is an effective treatment to be given in the drinking water, for canker, coccidiosis, worms and external parasites.

For treatment and control of coccidiosis, treatment of hairworm and roundworm infections. Therapeutic and routine treatment of canker. One bottle treats 50 birds.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Add 6ml of Harkers 4 in 1 Soluble to 1 litre of fresh drinking water daily, for a period of 5 days. Always use fresh solution daily and do not allow birds to drink from any other source during the treatment period Treat parent stock 3 weeks prior to breeding and young birds after weaning (do not treat birds less than 8 weeks of age). Repeat before racing begins and at 6-8 weekly intervals thereafter as a preventative measure

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