Heygates No. 5 Grower / Maintenance Pellets for Game Birds 20kg

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Heygates Number 5 Maintenance Pellets are a non-medicated 3 mm growing and maintenance pellet feed which can be fed to a wide range of wildfowl including ducks, game birds, ornamental fowl and other poultry.

The Heygates No. 5 Maintenance Pellets is used where the birds are required to maintain a good body condition without growing too quickly, following on from chick crumbs & through to maturity. The Number 5 mixture is relatively high in protein providing your birds with a steady growth pattern without putting on too much fat.

  • A drug free 3mm pellet suitable for feeding throughout the shooting season
  • Formulated with the correct energy/protein ratio to keep the bird fit not fat
  • Can be fed with a scratch feed of wheat
  • Feed for weeks 4, 5 & 6
  • Protein 17%, Oil 4% & Fibre 6.75%

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