Hutton Mill Poultry Corn with Aniseed 20kg


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Hutton Mill Poultry Corn with Aniseed is a great complimentary corn feed for Chickens, Turkeys, Geese & Ducks with added Aniseed

Hutton Mill Poultry Corn with Aniseed is a premium grade poultry feed made from just two ingredients - wheat and maize grits. This high quality mixed corn is a complementary feed suitable for all types of Poultry including Chickens, Turkeys, Geese and Ducks.

Enjoyed by all classes of poultry the Hutton Mill Mixed Poultry Corn is ideally given as a tasty afternoon treat. Poultry corn can be scattered on the ground to encourage the natural foraging instinct, whilst providing carbohydrates to help your poultry to regulate their body temperature.

The added aniseed helps to increase the weight gain to feed ratio as it encourages the poultry to feed more.

  • Complimentary Feed
  • Perfect as an additional scratch
  • Enriches environment
  • Less wastage due to aniseed

Ingredients: 20% maize grits, 80% wheat - Added Aniseed

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