Johnston & Jeff Aviary Seed Mix - 12.75kg

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If you have an outside aviary or two so you can house a number of different small bird species together including Finches, Canaries, British Birds and Budgies, then this Johnston & Jeff Aviary Mixture is just the ticket. Prepared and mixed to provide a whole range of birds with a good basic seed diet, so you are sure to keep everyone happy.

Aviary birds won’t stick to their own feeds if offered separately but will seek out what is available to them and what more dominant species will allow.


  • Many birds can happily live together in mixed aviaries
  • Therefore, a single feed offered in multiple feed areas is a better option
  • This blend of 11 ingredients is designed especially for this purpose
  • Includes all seeds readily taken by Budgerigars, Canaries, Finches and Parakeets
  • Excellent all round food

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