Johnston & Jeff Galah Mix Bird Food - 12.5kg


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Johnston & Jeff Galah Seed Mix is low in sunflower seed & is super low in fat forage.
The mixture itself is mainly made up of small seeds for a natural ground feeding bird. Galah birds need to keep their beaks in good shape & this coarse mixture helps your birds do that through their feeding.

This Johnston & Jeff Galah Roseate Cockatoo Mixture contains lots of small seeds including Buckwheat, Canary Seed and Millet with only 2.5% Sunflower, ideal for feeding these species of Parrots.

  • Low Sunflower
  • Low fat forage mix
  • Helps with beak health

Composition: White millet, canary seed, buckwheat, paddy rice, barley, oats, whole maize, small striped sunflower, pumpkin, safflower

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