Johnston & Jeff Goldfinch Mix with Niger Seed - 12.75kg

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Its very high in oils, a wonderful mix of seed types, and highly palatable. We have been blending foods for British and European Finches for decades, even before we started developing ranges for wild birds.

Finches have particular needs, and those in the wild have extra requirements. They do eat our other blends because these include foods which suit them, but this is just for them, and they LOVE it.

  • Contains Canary Seed, White, Panic & Red & White Millet Seed, Niger Seed.
  • Specially formulated by Johnston & Jeff for Finches.
  • Canary seed has a higher protein content than other grains, to keep your bird fit and healthy.
  • Millet is a good source of magnesium for healthy skin, tendons and nails.
  • Niger seed helps maintain healthy skin and heart.

Composition: Niger Seed, safflower, mixed wild seeds, canary seed, hempseed, red millet, linseed, and rapeseed

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