Johnston & Jeff Premium Fruity Parakeet Feed - 12.5kg


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Johnston & Jeff Fruity Parakeet Bird Treat is a high variety blend to help enhance the essential vitamins and minerals in your birds feed. This fruity mixture is an amazing treat for parakeets, cockatiels and parrots. 

The Johnston & Jeff Premium Fruity Parakeet Feed is made up of smaller pieces making it much more suitable for the size of their beaks. Rich in vitamins and minerals.


  • A fruity, nutritious seed mix for smaller birds
  • Full of vitamins and minerals
  • Keeps your Parrot looking and feeling healthy

Ideal for:

  • Budgie
  • Caique
  • Cockatiel
  • Conure - Small
  • Lovebird

Composition: Banana chips, diced pineapple, chopped apricots, currants,  raisins, pumpkin seed, coconut flakes, brazil nuts, walnut halves, peanut kernels, cranberries, dates, rosehips, rowan berries, carrot rings, peas, swede, and potato

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