Johnston & Jeff Scottish Tonic Type 88 Seed Mix - 12.75kg


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Johnston and Jeff seed mixes are cleaned to a very high standard right through from entry process to the bagging off point. These processes begin by getting rid of large impurities, stage 1 deals with polishing the seeds which breaks up any poor quality seed that then gets removed.

So you can be assured of a clean dust free mix containing good quality ingredients Johnston and Jeff Scottich Tonic Mix is a blend of 11 different seeds high in naked oats and is a great toniv for avairy birds. 


  • A blend of 11 different seeds with a high protein value
  • The seed mix is especially useful for feeding budgie type birds that need an overall improvement in their conditioning
  • Has a Low Jap and High Naked Oats that makes in High Protein and Great for breeding birds


White, Red, and Panicum Millet seed, Canary Seed, Pinhead Oatmeal, Niger Seed, Black Rapeseed, Linseed, Mawseed, and Flavoured with Aniseed

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