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Jondo Pigeon Grit contains flint grit, limestone grit, crushed sea shells including oyster shell and charcoal. This is a mixture of graded ingredients necessary to keep pigeons in top condition. Insoluble hard grit is the grinding agent for the complete digestion of all food.

Soluble soft calcium grit which dissolves in the bird's system making it healthy and ensuring the production of strong shelled eggs. Charcoal is added for sweetening of the crop.

  • Insoluble grit acts as a grinding agent in the gizzard to enable complete digestion of food
  • Soluble soft calcium grit ensures a high content of calcium which is essential for healthy birds and to ensure strong shelled eggs
  • Charcoal is added for sweetening of the crop
  • Please note: Packaging may vary as the manufacturer has updated their packaging

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