Keyflow BlackType Sensitive Horse Feed 18kg


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Keyflow BlackType Sensitive is a cereal free, low starch, high fibre feed for horses in early to medium-hard work. BlackType Sensitive is pre-digested by way of steam extrusion, meaning digestability in the small intestine of the horse is increased.

BlackType Sensitive feeds allow you to feed less by weight, which increases the health and efficiency of the horse.

Compostion: Steam extruded fibre, protein and omega 3 meals (inclu. soya hulls*, grass, rice bran, beetpulp, linseed, rapeseed, full fatsoya*), micronised protein (inclu. soya flakes, pea flakes),sunflower seeds, cold pressed rapeseed oil, molasses, heat stable vitamins & chelated minerals, turmeric

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