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Mark Todd Stay Cool is a low sugar and sarch base nutrition for horses or ponies in light work. Mark Todd Stay Cool is a scientifically formulated, fully balanced, low energy complementary feed for horses and ponies. Stay Cool suits horses & ponies used for leisure and pleasure hacking, pony club, riding club activities, games, low level competition or spelling and maintenance. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Stay Cool is high in fibre and low in sugar. Stay Cool contains Protexin for essential gut health and more efficient feed utilisation.

Protexin In Feed Formula is a premium probiotic specifically formulated for horses. Protexin is a brand associated with the highest quality and assurances guaranteeing stability and efficacy. Protexin ensures the stabilisation and maintenance of a beneficial microflora within the hind gut of all horses and ponies which in turn supports their feed utilisation, health and temperament.

Stay Cool is brilliant for horses or ponies that are resting or are in light work. They maintain excellent condition, are happy horses to ride and never nervy - Mark Todd

  • Digestibility greatly enhanced through gentle cooking
  • Barefoot Friendly
  • Contains Beetroot - a natural, healthy source of fibre and anti-oxidants
  • Stabilised Rice Bran - provides calm calories
  • Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - a superior Omega 3 source
  • Protexin pro-biotics - for gut health and feed utilisation

Add simple fibre & Key-3 Oil for a complete low sugar and starch base ration. Add Key-Plus by the mugful if extra conditioning is required

Ingredients: micronized grains (incl. wheat, maize, soya flakes, peas, linseed), beetroot, steam extruded vegetable protein meals and stabilized rice bran, super-fibres, beet shreds, carrot, cold pressed rapeseed oil, vitamins & chelated minerals, biomos & protexin probiotics

Analysis: Energy De (MJ/kg) 10.9 Mj/kg, Protein 12%, Oils 7%, Fibre14.5%, Salt1%, Starch 15%, Sugar 2.5%

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