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More intensive grazing, reseeding with new leys and heavier fertilising have led to more trace element deficiencies especially of copper which is needed for growth, bone development, fertility and especially in young cattle, coat condition.

Baby Red Rockies contain high levels of copper and also help to maintain growth and fertility rates in brood mares and young horses.

Rockies Health licks offer you a wise choice alternative. Primarily containing essential salt and other vital minerals and trace elements, they can help replace the missing goodness that is crucial to maintaining a healthy horse. Use them all year round - but especially during the hotter summer months.


  • Mineralised salt lick
  • Contains copper
  • Ideal for Horses, Cattle, Deer and Goats
  • Great for healthy bones and joints
  • Maintains growth and fertility
  • Magnesium helps reduce stress
  • Pressed harder to last longer

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