St Hippolyt Irish Mash 15kg


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St.Hippolyt Irish Mash is an extremely tasty mixture which helps prime the metabolism and digestive system. The mash is super easy to prepare making it easier for you to stick to a feeding schedule after days in the stable, when shedding or after hard work.

Nutritional Info: Crude protein 11.5%, Crude fibre 8.5%, Crude fat 5%, Crude ash 7.2%, digestible Crude protein 92g/kg & digestible Energy 10.5 MJ/kg

Composition: Wheat bran, barley flakes, oilseed mixture (flaxseed, Sunflower) 9.2%, whole grain oats 9%, rice flakes, Beet molasses, apple pomace, beet fibre, hot air dried grape skins, apple syrup, yeast 1.4%, Salt, wheat germ, malt-yeast wort 1%, oil blend (linseed/Sunflower/corn oil) cold pressed 1%, grape seed extract, Corn germ & coriander 0.5%

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