Sweet Meadow Bloom & Shine Chaff + TurmerAid Horse Feed 15kg


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Sweet Meadow Bloom & Shine Chaff + TurmerAid Horse Feed provides top show condition and shine. An extremely handy, quality fibre feed. It is rich in soya oil and contains a high specification balancer pellet with the added benfit of live yeast.

When fed at suggested levels Bloom & Shine can be the sole concentrate part of the diet. It will supply the leisure horse in light to medium work with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients. Bloom & Shine can also be used to boost en existing diet. The recommended daily amount of 2kg per day for a 500kg horse will supply the correct daily amount of TURMERAID.

The main ingredient of TURMERAID is turmeric which contains a minimum level of 5.1% curcumin and another 200+ compounds which benefit the horse. TURMERAID also contains micronized linseed, black pepper which helps with the absorbency of the turmeric, yucca and apple cider vinegar making it very palatble.

Bloom & Shine also contains a unique blend of milled seaweed combined with a highly active live yeast, designed to support gut function by acting as a probiotic on the gut microflora. This promotes the growth of fibre digesting bacteria reducing lactic acid accumulation. It also contains optimum levels of biotin and other nutrients such as zinc and methionine, all important for the growth of healthy hooves. Bloom & Shine gives all of these benefits in a quality, high oil, high fibre complete feed at low feeding levels.


Oat straw, cane molasses, beet molasses partially desugared, dried alfalfa, soya oil (produced from GM soya), hi protiin soya (produced from GM soya), unmolassed sugar beet pulp, chopped grass (high temperature dried), oatfeed pellets, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, micronized linseed meal, wheatfeed, micronized flaked soya, turmeric, dicalcium phosphate, apple cider vinegar, black pepper


  • Oil & Fats 9%    
  • Crude Protein 9%    
  • Crude Fibre 18%    
  • Crude Ash 11%    
  • Sugar 12.39%    
  • Starch 1.65% 

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