Top Paddock Organic Based Fertiliser - 20kg

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Top Paddock Fertiliser Organic Based Specifically for Horse & Pony 20kg.

Humber Palmers has been the first choice fertiliser for many of the well known studs throughout the UK and Ireland for over 40 year.

This experience and continuing research has enabled us to develop Top Paddock, a unique nutritionally complete organic based fertiliser specifically formulated for application on all horse and pony paddocks in a safe, naturally efficient and balanced manner.

  • Top Paddock has been proven to last longer than standard mineral fertilisers
  • Research has shown Top Paddock is up to 25% more efficient than mineral fertilisers
  • Top Paddock quality grass can save up to £300 a year of supplementary feed
  • Maximises feed value of grass
  • Contains calcium for healthy bones
  • Low nitrates avoid causes of Laminitis
  • Hooves and skin benefit from trace elements
  • Includes sulphur vital for hair cells, skin and hooves
  • Safe for both horse and its environment

Natural Organic

Top Paddock includes a well researched organic base of vegetable origin, free from any weeds or pathogens, which is combined with carefully selected mineral raw materials. This enables the nutrients to be released in a phased way, providing a natural supply of plant food in line with the pastures requirements and thereby assisting in protecting the horse and it's environment.

In addition, the organic base contains highly beneficial humic substances best described as Natures Plant Vitamins. They are responsible for many positive effects on pastures making Top Paddock the most complete natural fertiliser on the market for equine use.

  • Promotes Photosynthesis
  • Reduces Effect of Drought and Flood
  • Increases Grass Growth
  • Increases Resistance to Fungal Diseases
  • Stimulates Micro Nutrient Uptake
  • Improves Soil Structure and Fertility
  • Enhances Root Development

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