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Versele Laga Trichocure Tablets are used for the treatment of Trichomonosis (canker) and Hexamitiasis in Pigeons.


  • Very active against Trichomonas and Hexamita
  • One-time treatment
  • Delayed release for longer lasting effect
  • Unique longer lasting protection
  • Does not cause vomiting
  • No harmful effect on condition

Recommended dose and dosage schedule:

The recommended dose rate is 1 tablet per pigeon to be administered directly into the beak following feeding. In severe cases repeat the treatment 2 days later. If necessary, repeat again after 1 week.

It is also advisable to give 1 tablet of Trichocure per pigeon directly into the beak following feeding:

  • After a race with a prolonged stay in the baskets
  • After purchase
  • During the racing season, every fortnight
  • During weaning of the nestlings

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