Yorkshire Green Horse & Pony Paddock 1 Acre 14kg


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Yorkshire Green Horse and Pony Grass Seeds 14kg is a specific mixture for Equine and hardwearing use. The life span of horse and pony paddock depends on how it is looked after, regular soil aeration and fertiliser application should be sufficient to keep the paddock in tip top condition.

Horse & Pony Paddock is designed to produce a specialist equine sward, they key features are:

  • Hard Wearing
  • Persistant
  • Deep rooted
  • High traction surface
  • Dense growth
  • Rejuvanates from damage
  • Reduced poaching
  • Palliable

Horse & Pony Paddock contains:

  • 5.5Kg Intermediate Perennial RG
  • 2.5Kg Late Perennial RG
  • 0.5Kg Smooth Stalked Meadow grass
  • 2.0Kg Creeping red fescue
  • 2.5Kg Dwarf Perennial
  • 1.0Kg Timothy

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