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Rabbit owners all over the country may be enjoying the summer weather and it is likely their pets will be too, as they can relax in the sun and hop around the garden, nibbling the grass and enjoying some fresh greens. As long as they have lots of water and available shade, it will be a good time for all.

However, a month or so from now the first signs of autumn will be emerging, with the nights drawing in and the leaves starting to turn golden. Gradually, the hot temperatures will become a fading memory as autumn kicks in.

This means you will need to change your bunny’s routine in various ways and that includes rabbit food.   

As ever, there are some key elements that should be part of your rabbit’s diet. This includes grass and hay, which is easy to obtain in summer. But there should also be some leafy greens and also high-fibre pellets. With less time grazing on the grass on shorter, colder days, your feed should contain more of these. 

Of course, autumn is also a time to help rabbits stay warmer. Outdoor hutches need to be well insulated, with lots of warm bedding and covers to stop the wind and rain blowing in at night. It also helps if they can have cover when it is wet during the day.

 They might dig a hole inside the run that provides cover, although females do this more than males, but beware the impact of this - it might just become an escape route and leave you with a runaway bunny.

Finally, don’t forget you may want to keep your pet indoors when the weather starts to get particularly cold and wet in mid to late autumn. That will not change their food needs, although you will need a space in the house where they can run around, free from any wires, furnishings or anything else they can nibble.  Make sure they are biting on the right food instead!

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