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There is likely to have been many horse owners extremely concerned about the safety of their pet during the recent heatwave, which is why these tips on how to keep them safe in hot weather will come in handy this summer.

The UK has experienced record-breaking temperature highs this week, leaving much of the country hot, flustered and dehydrated. However, it is not just humans the hot and humid weather has a big impact on, and animals need adequate care to protect them from the blazing sunshine and intense heat.

According to the RSPA, the most important thing to do is give them plenty of water. They need up to 55 litres when it is not scorching hot, so make sure you provide even more than this when the sun is out.

“Horses rely heavily on sweating to keep cool and can produce sweat three times as fast as humans. That means they're at high risk of dehydration if they don't have continuous access to water to replace the large amounts lost as sweat,” the charity stated.

It also recommended giving them a salt lick, as this will help them replace the salt they lose when they sweat to keep their levels balanced.

Horses also need to be given plenty of shade during the summer, especially old or young ones, as they are particularly vulnerable to the sunshine.

Just like humans, horses require sun cream, so make sure you cover all areas of pink skin with a sunblock of factor 50 once a day.

When it comes to riding horses, only do so during the early morning or evenings, when the temperature is lower than during the midday sun.

World Horse Welfare also recommends giving them plenty of ventilation with a large fan, as long as it is out of reach of them.


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